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We begin 2017 inaugurating a section of our blog: best websites of the month.

During our daily work, we happen to observe remarkable works, carried out impeccably in terms of graphics or developed with innovative technologies. We decided to collect these projects on a monthly basis in a new section. The goal is to provide an archive, source of inspiration for us but also for our customers, which compels to test unusual solutions, difficult to find during the daily navigation.

Here are the sites selected for January:

The 21st Century Gold Rush

Huffington Post Highline story, how the refugee crisis is changing the world economy.


Company website, high fashion brand in Tokyo.


Personal website for photographer Riccardo Ambrosio.

Moment Factory

Company website, multimedia entertainment studio specialized in the production of immersive environments.

Beoplay M5

Product page of the wireless speaker Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5.

Pursuit Of Sound

Game, avoid obstacles following the music.


E-commerce website, contemporary design furniture.


19 visual artists have reimagined cover art of their 10 favorite albums of 2016.

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