Digital transformation: from planning to implementation in 5 steps

  1. We analyze the work processes
  2. We define the strategies and plan the activities necessary to improve business logics
  3. We develop innovative and dedicated software tools
  4. We test and optimize the solutions provided
  5. We follow your team in the training and presentation processes, both internally and towards customers

Benefits: the improvement in companies thanks to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Anywhere access to corporate functionality and data
Digital Transformation
Increased employee productivity
Digital Transformation
Integrate more data into decision making processes
Digital Transformation
Ability to generate insights faster
Data based on a survey submitted to a sample of 537 executives of world private companies.
Source Harvard Business Review Analytic

Example: how to transform the work process based on file

Digital Transformation
Workflow based on text documents, spreadsheets and digital presentations.

Difficulties in collaboration and interaction between multiple users viewing and working on the same files
Difficulties in creating a process suitable to the business needs and dynamics
Difficulty on analysis and union of data stored on multiple files
Digital Transformation
Workflow based on web platform developed by Burning Flame.

Facilitated collaboration, creation of user accounts with custom permissions, activity tracking and mobile access
Interfaces and processes tailor-made according to the company specific requirements
Creation of analytical and statistics reports in real time thanks to structured databases

Case studies: what we have achieved

Domina Hotels

For Domina Hotels we have developed a web platform dedicated to the commercial activities management of hotels chain. The system allows to follow and track the entire working workflow on a customer, from first contact to after-sales activities, all through a simple and functional responsive graphical interface.


For Volonline we have developed a offers management web platform. The staff of the tour operator has the ability to create, through a guided process, offers tailored to travel agents and send them directly via email through the internal sending system.

Itineraria Teatro

For Itineraria Teatro theater company we studied and implemented a management platform that follows all stages of sale of shows, from budgeting, in a dynamic and interactive form, to organization of dates and billing.

Studio Palmieri & Parters

For the tax consulting firm Palmieri & Partners we have developed a document management system. The platform allows customers to access to a restricted dedicated area, where they can find all documentation relating to their business.


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