SharingApp is a multi-company e-commerce platform based on customers sharing among business activities belonging to the same community. SharingApp allows registered customers to purchase products and book services directly from their trusted business and from all businesses in their area or from those enabled according to the type of contract. It also allows to browse offers and partecipate to gift and wedding lists.

The startup commissioned to Burning Flame the analysis, design and development of the entire project and its various components: the native iOS and Android applications, the web application, the back office management platform and the promotional website.

The core of the project is BIF (Business Innovation Framework), Burning Flame’s proprietary framework that manages the entire SharingApp ecosystem, ensuring high performance and safety standards. BIF is based on the PHP Laravel framework and acts as a backbone for the backend functions, the APIs for the management of native and web applications, the management back office used by companies.

The management platform allows companies to manage orders, bookings, contents and offers published, in a secure way and with a complete segregation of data from other users.

The iOS and Android applications, available for free on the App Store and Google Play, and their web version, have been developed through the Ionic technology, based on React framework and Javascript language, and integrate advanced features such as the customization of the app icon, the management of multiple carts, the checkout flows which are different depending on the type of purchase, the push notifications segregated by type of user.

From an infrastructural point of view, the project is hosted on cloud servers managed and monitored by Burning Flame and the performance is optimized by a caching system and CDN (Content Delivery Network), that allows the distribution of static contents on a global server network.