Volonline is a tour operator based in Milan, leader in the Italian travel sector, with a wide range of destinations all over the world and a customized service for travel agencies.

Burning Flame has first redefined the brand identity of the group. Thanks to a design research, a new logo has been created both for Volonline and for the Volonclick platform.

Consequently, it has been designed the user interface of the new website, based on a careful analysis of the user experience of the previous website. The design process has been focused on the mobile first approach, considering mobile devices as the main touch point.

The web portal has been developed using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System), customizing the editor and the database, in order to grant an optimal management of destinations and offers data.

The website includes an auto-fill search engine with customized filters, Google Maps integration for travel itineraries and APIs of our custom CRM, dedicated to the acquisition of travel agencies data.

Performances are optimized through a caching system and CDN (Content Delivery Network), that allows the distribution of static contents on a global server network and provides a protection against attacks with a WAF (Web Application Firewall).