Angioedema Ereditario Onlus, non-profit association devoted to the study of hereditary angioedema, decided to working with us to develop the new communication project.

In a first step we designed and built the new identity, following the customer’s need for a renewal of the association’s image keeping some graphic references to the old logo. The new logo was designed based on a palette of colors specially made. Simultaneously we created some paper materials, dedicated to the diffusion of informations about the disease.

The next phase was dedicated to the development of the new website, starting from an analysis of already available textual materials, some of which are strategic in the activity of support to patients with hereditary angioedema.

The layout was designed following the mobile-first approach, with priority of the content’s display from smartphones and tablets. The development of the website was carried out based on the WordPress platform, customized to meet project specific needs, in order to allow a simple but structured content management, in anticipation of the large amount of materials to be published.