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Today, April 21st 2015, Google has made some major changes to its search algorithm.

The change is so important to take the nickname Mobilegeddon. It was announced in late February and substantially affect the positioning of mobile-friendly websites, properly optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Until now Google has always shown the search results using an ordering based on different parameters, related to the relevance of the search word, without distinguishing between websites optimized for mobile devices or websites structured only for desktop computers.

In the next scans will instead evaluate characteristics such as management of links, font size, speed of navigation and overall user experience and usability of devices with a small display.

Google has decided to make available to all users a tool that allows you to check if your site is ready for the mobile world. Simply click on this link and enter the address of the site to check.

If you need advice you can contact us or ask for a free quotation for the redesign of your website using the responsive layout, that is able to adapt to mobile devices.

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